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Инкубатор EC6S-MD

The “Best” just got “Better”

Astec-Bio is notorious for producing the most Stable, Spacious & Superior incubators in the market. We are proud to introduce the all new redesigned EC6S-MD now as a Medical Device Class IIa (93/42/EEC Annex V)

EC6S-MD has been upgraded with the state of the art technology and security built in, while maintaining the highest level of safety requirements for medical electrical equipment available today.
With distinct temperature control and gas supply for each chamber, the EC6S-MD offers outstanding flexibility & convenience for it’s operator.

We have created a Multi-featured incubator enhanced to exceed your expectations with ease of use in mind. Our engineers have developed the EC6S-MD with new alterations including a Zirconia Dioxide Ceramic O2 Sensor, long life Infra-red sensor with an addition of Lid Heaters to create a better temperature stability for the unit.

The gas feeding system provides “personal incubation” where an opening of one chamber has no direct stress to the other unopened chambers. The Pre-Heated gas flow to the chamber gives the EC6S-MD the ability to recover the temperature and gas level faster than any other incubator in the market. Temperature control is also independent to each chamber with the accuracy of ±0.1ºC.

The EC6S-MD outperforms the competition by virtually every metric & is standing to be your loyal lab partner for years to come!

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